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thrivelife works to facilitate an ongoing spiral of development, freeing capacity for creativity, flexibility, resilience, adaptability, efficacy and flourishing.

We serve individuals, teams, organisations, and in particular schools and activists.


"The world is becoming more turbulent faster than most organisations are becoming more resilient."

– Gary Hamel, What Matters Now.

The success of everything an organisation does – be it a business, non-profit or school – is deeply influenced by each individual’s inner capacity for wellbeing.

And organisational resilience hinges on the often ‘invisible’ – but felt – dynamics between people. 

Our bespoke coaching and facilitation processes, help your organisation:

  1. Develop a strong coherent purpose, strategy and vision.
  2. Build robust team dynamics and sense-and-respond cultures.
  3. Equip individual employees with resilience and wellbeing skills.

Strategic visioning and purpose

Strong and clear purpose, vision, strategy and values are key to an organisation’s success, keeping organisations agile and their people and teams meaningfully connected. We support organisations identifying their purpose, developing their strategic focus, and clarifying their vision and values. Use our impactful strategic coaching and facilitation processes to:

  • Develop strong strategy and vision.
  • Connect to the purpose of your work.
  • Clarify and operationalise your values.
  • Harness commitment; gain momentum.

Build a robust sense-and-respond culture

Sense-and-respond cultures help organisations harness intelligence and potential. We support organisations to develop robust cultures of inquiry, reflection and learning, turning meetings into efficient and focussed opportunities to think together.

Use our Thinking Environment and systems-thinking workshops to:

  • Learn to think independently and in a group with rigour and focus.
  • Ask powerful questions that progress strategic thinking.
  • Take a system’s lens to complex problem solving.
  • Cultivate, across your organisation, a powerful thinking environment.

Employee wellbeing

Develop your employee’s capacity for resilience, wellbeing, self-awareness and stress management with our unique blend of resilience, mindfulness and compassion workshops.
Use our individual coaching processes, to support employees develop their leadership potential, tap greater stores of agency and manifest professional goals they thought weren’t possible.

  • Develop a resilience skillset.
  • Better navigate emotions.
  • More skilfully cope with stress.
  • Develop a growth mindset.
  • Develop a compassion skillset.
  • Increase compassionate engagement.
  • Deepen self-awareness and focus.
  • Achieve professional and personal goals.
  • Develop a leadership skillset.


Client by client, our individually tailored coaching and training processes help leaders, individuals and activists to make powerful shifts that change and improve lives.

We help leaders, individuals and activists to:

  • Make powerful personal shifts.
  • Fulfill meaningful goals.
  • Find purpose and new direction.
  • Develop resilience, mindfulness and compassion skills.
  • Unlock professional or personal potential.

Goal Coaching

Achieve powerful professional or personal goals.

Crossroads coaching

Crossroads Coaching

Find purpose, change direction or re-invent your professional life.

Resilience Coaching

Learn resilience skills to better manage adversity.

Mindfulness Coaching

Learn mindfulness meditation to better navigate stress.

Compassionate coaching

Compassion Coaching

Harness compassion for greater joy, resilience and hope.

Schools | Educators | Activists

At the heart of a just, sustainable and thriving future are people with the social, emotional and ethical skills and capacities that contribute to prosocial outcomes.

We help educators, activists and changemakers build the inner qualities and skills needed to transform the world from the inside out and, in turn, help them cultivate these skills and qualities in the people, youth and children that they serve.

Drawing on the innovative Social Emotional and Ethical Learning School Framework and Curriculum, (SEEL™) developed by Emory University, and Emory’s Cognitively Based Compassion Training (CBCT®) for adults, we also help nurture and develop schools where wellbeing and learning thrive not only within educators and learners, but the organisation too.

Speak to us about how we can help your school or non-profit powerfully impact your culture and reach.

Or support your activists and educators with our specially tailored workshops for creating compassionate classrooms and communities.

Workshops for activists and educators

Grounded Resilience

Grounded Resilience

Build your capacity for resilience. Bounce back from setbacks with greater flexibility.
The power of focus​

The Power of Focus

Build your capacity for intuition, connection and meta-perspective.

Courage, connection, compassion

Courage, Connection, Compassion

Combine courage and curiosity to harness the power of compassion.


Successful teams drive successful organisations. But, research shows that contrary to popular opinion, who is on a team matters much less than how the team members interact.

Teams work best when team members feel a sense of psychological safety, have a compelling sense of direction, a tangible sense of cohesion and can depend on each other, with strong clarity around roles and processes.

Our customised team development processes target the core dynamics underpinning successful teams, while simultaneously addressing your team’s specific challenges to:

  • Shift team culture.
  • Build capacity, offer skillsets and tools.
  • Create team environments of trust.
  • Highlight purpose and meaning.
  • Harness diversity for cohesion.
  • Surface clarity.
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Power Hours for Teams

Designed for the highly-operational team, thrivelife’s Power Hours identify a ‘power’ competency or quality relevant to your context and needs and offer bite-sized learning for development.

Then, with a strong focus on work-place application, Team Power Hours, explore integrating the learning within your team’s day-to-day operations, in ways that work for your team.

Speak to us about our Team Power Hours – targeted capacity-building and team coaching – that can easily be slotted into the average work day.