Our process

we customise your process

In the crowded executive development and training marketplace, we focus on co-creating and tailoring your development process to meet your needs as they arise and evolve.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

Our invitation is to consider us your partner in catalysing, capitilising and committing to your ongoing growth and evolution. Working together, we…

Engage to understand


Engage to understand

With a strong focus on personalisation and customisation, we begin by seeking to understand your challenges and opportunities.

meet your need


Meet your needs

Our approach is profoundly caring, practical and down-to-earth and hence uniquely tailored to your context and for your needs.

Amplify evolution


Amplify evolution

We’re committed to the journey of your growth. We know we’ve served you well when our services amplify your development over the long term.

Our Services

Taking a resiliency-informed approach to development, we’re trained and accredited facilitators and coaches who draw on the disciplines, research and practices emerging from the fields of sociology, psychology, organisational science, neuroscience, systems theory and centuries-old contemplative traditions to help organisations and individuals to:
  • Achieve goals, improve efficacy.
  • Harness untapped intelligence and potential.
  • Build resilience and thrive.
  • Navigate complexity.
Immersive learning...

Experiential learning…

that’s deeply relevant to your life and work.
Learn practical skills...

Capacity building…

discover and cultivate profound problem-solving skills.
Ignite insight...

Uncover insight…

in a self-directed journey of growth.
Grounded in science...

Grounded in research and ethics…

Informed by robust research. No pop psychology or fluffy ideas.

Flavours of Facilitation

What you’ll experience

Committed to your potential and focussed on your strengths, our processes celebrate being human while embracing tension, adversity and challenge as rich opportunities for growth.

Supporting your journey from insight to embodied understanding, we blend reflective dialogue, journalling, creative arts, contemplation and meditation, play and movement, and the art of storytelling, with coaching and facilitation.

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Looking for a plug-and-play wellness or capacity-building workshop for your team or leaders? Simply want to ‘sample’ our services?

Sometimes short, specifically focussed workshops – rather than a co-created process – is what’s needed to enhance an existing skillset or target an already-identified challenge.

We also understand how important the ‘fit’ is with your facilitator. You might simply want to get a sense of who we are.

Speak to us about our short and competitively priced wellbeing or organisational development workshops.