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thrivelife thinks a lot about how to free human potential.

Because this really matters to whether we love or hate our work; whether our families and communities thrive; whether we can adapt to our planetary crisis and whether we are happy and fulfilled.

Big, important stuff. (Fairly) short musings. Useful tools and practices for thriving.

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Making sense of thriving

Dip into our information, insights and practices offered in support of your thriving – as individuals and teams at work.

Resilience – it’s how you get through it​

Sometimes lessons in resilience (for adults) come from unexpected places — like illustrated storybooks for little kids. Coach and facilitator, Françoise Gallet remembers some of her own personal setbacks — a time when she felt like she was stuck in the mud — and muses on resilience as a skill set. A skill set worth cultivating, even before you experience adversity.

Harnessing the power of purpose

It’s enormously powerful to have a vision for what we do and how our contribution matters. Just ask the 2023 Rugby World Cup winners, the Springboks. But, for individuals and teams, a sense of ‘purpose’ isn’t necessarily obvious or evident. Read more to learn how to cultivate purpose and reap its well-researched benefits.

Thinking with the wisdom of the heart

Thinking. It colours almost everything we do. If our thinking is good, it’s likely our decisions are good. If our decisions are good, it’s likely our outcomes are good. So, what does it take for us to think well? It takes the courage to bring our whole selves to the act of thinking. And, to do this, we need a framework for thinking well and a framework for freeing the human heart.