Trisha Lord

Founder of Braveheart, Trisha and thrivelife founder, Françoise, work together to weave the framework of the Thinking Environment™ with mindfulness and compassion-based contemplative frameworks for freeing the heart and mind. Their programme, Thinking with the Heart in Mind, is their pioneering effort to constellate an approach that deeply supports how to be courageous and compassionate independent thinkers, ultimately bound by our shared interdependence as human beings. 

Trisha’s many years working in the field of developing human potential, have brought her to this observation: much of what we consider “helpful” in the helping professions can, in fact, impose serious limitations on a client’s courage to think for themselves. Perhaps unwittingly, coaches and consultants often end up cast in the role of saviour caught in a co-conspiracy with clients that fosters dependency — an externalising vs. internalising of expertise. Having spent the last 18 years of a 38-year career, specialising in the work of Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment™, Trisha has proven repeatedly to both herself and her clients, that nothing an external facilitator or coach can do replaces, for its power and validity, this extraordinary structure in which clients can think for themselves, thereby generating genuine solutions with inherent longevity and efficacy.