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thrivelife is a human development agency specialising in igniting your individual, team or organisation’s capacity to thrive.  Our bespoke coaching, facilitation and resilience training focuses on personal, professional and organisational development, building capacity for navigating today’s complexity.

Our Process

In the crowded development and training marketplace, we work with you to tailor your development process to your specific needs, offering a strong focus on customisation and personalisation.

Drawing on the intersection of psychology, neuroscience, systems theory and contemplative science, and using the processes of coaching, meditative contemplation and facilitation, thrivelife helps organisations, teams, schools and individuals to:

  • Harness untapped potential.
  • Raise levels of self-awareness.
  • Achieve goals, improve efficiency.
  • Collaborate meaningfully.
  • Connect with purpose.
  • Build resiliency, better navigate stress.
  • Navigate complexity.

Committed to your potential

We take a resiliency-informed approach to human development. We believe people, and their teams and organisations, develop best when they draw on their strengths to learn new skills,  grow, and evolve. All our development processes offer:

Immersive learning...

Immersive learning...

engage and experience.

Learn practical skills...

Practical tools and skills…

to be integrated into your way of being, living, working.

Ignite insight...


Ignite insight…

for growth, learning and adaptability.

Grounded in science...

Scientifically grounded…

informed by research and strong professional ethics.

Our Services

Our suite of workshops, bespoke facilitation and coaching caters for businesses, teams, schools and individuals. Playing the role of facilitator, coach and catalyst, we offer:

  • Facilitated strategy development.
  • Coaching services.
  • Organisation and team culture optimisation.
  • Leadership development.
  • Wellbeing skills training.


Free your organisation’s potential by building a powerful collaborative culture. 



Develop the dynamics behind team success.


Ignite your potential: individual thriving is the nexus of all thriving. 

Bespoke Development

Customise and tailor your development process.

Schools | Educators | Activists

We are deeply committed to reshaping our future for flourishing. thrivelife equips schools, their leaders, and educators, as well as youth organisations and social activists with the tools they need to develop the pro-social and ethical skillsets at the heart of resilience, justice and sustainability. Build a compassion skill set, cultivate awareness and sharpen the tools of engagement.

Find out what we can offer you, your school or cause.

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